Macaroni Salad

Easy peasy one today: Macaroni salad. I know that we are in the fall and this is a summertime dish but I had to make it anyway. 

Get some pasta cooking. A pound. Cavatapi is my favorite, so…

Also, hard boil six eggs and set aside. Once cooled, chop.

Let’s get the sauce together.
A cup and a half of mayo.

Add a Tbs of Onion Onion

Two tsps of mustard.

Mix together and set aside.

Chop up a green pepper.

Now, let’s get this thing together.

Pasta in a bowl…

Add your eggs, green pepper, and mayo mixture.


Add punch of salt.

I say punch of salt as a tribute to Al Pacino’s role in Donnie Brasco where he was cooking and referred to this as a punch of salt. Lol.

Then add some pepper.

And  you have it.

Yummy! Last summer dish. I promise. Lol.

Till next time…


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