The Butter Burger

Haha… Do I have a GREAT one for you today. I was watching an episode of Triple D a while back and btw, I LOVE Triple D…

He did a show on this burger that I knew that I had to try, the Butter Burger. As I recall, the chef that made the burger made a compound butter with some parsley, basil, garlic to name a few. I made and shared a shallot tarragon butter a while back and am using that in this burger.

We are using some nice ground meat and compound butter.

A couple of pats, that’s it.

Stick them in the middle of the burger.

And cover it up with that beef that’s on the side.

Get them on the griddle.

I normally cook my burgers about 5 minutes each side.

Once you flip the burger, more compound butter on top.

Add some cheese.

Time to plate it up. I used a nice Pepperich farms potato bun. Add a piece of cheese for the bottom bun. Just because folks, just because.

Add your burger to that.

For this burger, a little mayo and ketchup ave you are good to go…

Doesn’t that look delicious?!?! Well, it was…

I hope you all give it a try. 


Till next time,


The Tastefully Simple guy

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