Bruschetta Chicken Bake

Chicken is probably the most used protein in dinners across the country. Coming up with delicious versions of chicken dishes is the challenge. Today, I’m going to share a chicken dish pulled from our meal collections that I know you all will love. Provided you like chicken. Lol.

Bruschetta Chicken Bake.

This is a really simple dish to put together that’s filled with flavor and isn’t that what we really want?

Let’s get started. First, when you get our meal collections, you get recipe cards. I am such a visual person and if it looks good here, I want to try it.

Start with 3 Tbs of oil in a pan. I used our Avocado oil.

Next, cut up some chicken and season with salt and pepper. I cut up about a pound and a half.

Put it in your baking dish and then cover with about a cup of cheese. I used an Italian blend.

In a bowl, put one can diced tomatoes. I threw in a capful of our dried tomato and basil seasoning but you can use basil and oregano, 2 tsp each.

Mix in a bag of seasoned stuffing. I used stove top acc a cup of water.

Mix well.

Place on your chicken.

Bake in a 350° oven for 25 minutes.

Plate up and serve.

There was some awfully good flavor here. I think that’s what I LOVE about our collections. I get to pick the proteins and produce add tastefully simple brings the flavor. 

I hope you give it a try.

To your abundance, my friends!


The Tastefully Simple guy

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