Almond Poundcake Trifle

This one is straight yumminess. 🙂 one of my favorite Tastefully Simple products is the Almond Poundcake. I absolutely love this thing. Now, I make it into a trifle. However, I don’t have a trifle dish so is more of a casserole. Lol.

To begin, I baked an Almond Poundcake according to directions and after it was completely cooled, I cubed it and put it into a casserole dish.

The next later is vanilla pudding. I made the 5.1 ounce box of jello pudding and let it set then layered it.

Next, is a layer of whipped cream. You could go with cool whip but I like making homemade whipped topping. It’s so easy to make… Take a pint of heavy whipping cream, put it into a bowl. Add a tsp of vanilla. Then start beating it with a hand mixer on high. Add six Tbs powdered sugar, one at a time, and mix until stiff peaks appear. It’s done at this point. Add it to your dish.

Add a pint of strawberries, halved.

Add a half pint of blueberries.

Isn’t that pretty? 🙂

Plate up and enjoy!

This is one of my favorite summertime desserts. Give it a try and it may become one of yours. 

Till next time…


The Tastefully Simple guy

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