Roast Beef Hoagies

We are a beef eating household to say the very least. Between steaks, roast, going beef, it’s our most used protein. 

Now roast, it has so many different uses. My favorite cut for roast is chuck roast due to marbling (fat content). Cooked properly, it delivers a nice, most, succulent piece of meat. Now, I’m not going to astound you with my culinary skills but I do have help and is called the crock pot. Lol. It takes that piece of meat and makes it into something yummy and I don’t really have to do anything. 🙂

So, let’s get started.

First, we are going to season and sear our meat. I use our garlic pepper seasoning. It fits perfectly on beef.

You want to cook that on high for 3 – 5 minutes. Just enough to get a crust on it.

I cook that in the crock for 8 – 10 hours on low. Once done, shred the meat up.

A good beef sandwich really comes down to a few good ingredients: the beef ave of course the bread. We have a local bakery here called Mancinis and they make hoagie sticks that are just unbearable. They are chewy and soft and oh so yummy.

Cut them in half…

Now we usually are a lettuce, tomato, mayo family and that will hold true with this sandwich.

Add your mayo.

Cheese, we use Land O’ Lakes American.

Put your beef on.

Chop up some lettuce and tomato and add to your sandwich.

Fold together and enjoy!

That is a really good sandwich! Yum!

I hope you all give this one a try. It’s a winner. 🙂

Till next time folks.


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