A quick pasta…

My wife doesn’t like red sauce. I know, I know… But she has other attributes that make up for this. Hahaha. Jk. Nevertheless, I love pasta and the only way to have it on a regular basis is to do something simple with it like toss it with some oil and garlic. Add some cheese and blammo, delicious dinner.

Oil and garlic, this is where we start. Now garlic garlic is dehydrated garlic so I add it to the oil and let it sit for about a half an hour so it reconstitutes. 1 Tbs in a half cup of the oil.

Cook your pasta. Drain. Add the oil and garlic. Toss a little parmesan on top and serve as is or with your favorite pasta meat. I used meatballs. Just because… 🙂

For the meatballs, I used my recipe from a few posts ago: “the best meatballs you’ll ever have.” They are so good. 

Quick and easy. Enjoy!

Till next time. 


The Tastefully Simple guy

For more great recipes, go to http://www.johnbokin.com


10 thoughts on “A quick pasta…

  1. That sounds wonderful John! I remember many years ago, buying a boxed mix of a similar dish, made with angel hair pasta and a creamy, buttery herb sauce. I’m not sure who made it or if it’s still sold.

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