Dill Pickle dip mix

As I go through my career here with Tastefully Simple, I pride myself on trying everything and giving an honest eval on the product because if I don’t LOVE it, I can’t sell it. You know what I’m saying?

Today’s product, dill pickle dip mix was just a product that didn’t speak to me for whatever reason but man, I couldn’t be any more wrong. 

I made it today for Hayden because he LOVES dill pickles and it was a homerun! Simple too. Start by taking one packet of the dill pickle dip mix, half cup of each mayo and sour cream…

Mix together and serve with your favorite chips. Although, Tostitos was all I had on hand. Lol.

Great flavor here. Subtle upfront and then it gives you a nice tangy, dill pickle aftertaste. It’s a hit. I can imagine using this as prepared but could also use this as a hot dog or hamburger topper. Yum!

Give it a try!

Till next time…


The Tastefully Simple guy

For more great products, go to http://www.johnbokin.com


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