Pasta Salad

One of my all time favorite summertime dishes is pasta salad. It’s light, got veggies, little bit of tang (depending on your dressing), and it’s just plain delicious.

This is great for picnics, pot luck, parties, or whatever when you need an easy, delicious dish without much prep. 


1 lb of your favorite pasta

1 green pepper

1 10 ounce pack of cherry tomatoes

1 can of olives

1 cucumber

1 8 ounce block of cheese, colby Jack or cheddar

12 – 16 ounces of your favorite Italian dressing

1 8 ounce stick of pepperoni

Ok… Let’s get started. Get your pasta on the stove and cook as directed. Mine took about 11 minutes and this is my favorite for this salad:

Literally, the prep will take as long as the pasta is cooking… 11 minutes till deliciousness. 🙂

Start by chopping a green pepper.

Next, I used a 10 ounce pack of cherry tomatoes and halved them.

Then, I halved a can of medium pitted black olives.

Take a cucumber and dice it up. I use the English seedless cukes.

Add your chopped up pepperoni…

About this time, the pasta was done… Rinse the pasta off with cold water to cool it off then add to your bowl.

Next, we are going to add the cheese. I used a colby Jack for this one and it was because it’s what I was in the mood for. You can use a sharp cheddar or a pepper jack as well.

 Sauce it up with your favorite Italian dressing. I used a rustic Italian.

Mix that bad boy up and enjoy!

This is a wonderfully delicious pasta salad. Give it a try!

To your abundance!


The Tastefully Simple guy


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