Steak… All day, every day

This may be my third post on steak… And is because it’s so darn tasty. My wife and I were on vacation for the month and when we got back, no food except for steak. So, when in Rome. 🙂

This is a perfect recipe for the perfect steak. Start with a nice thick Porterhouse or T bone. This is a combo steak with a strip steak on one side and a filet on the other.  These two are basically the same steak with one difference, the size of the filet. The porterhouse has a larger filet on it. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Let it sit out for 20 minutes. Letting it get to room temp will allow for a more even cook. And get some salt & pepper on it.

Get your pan nice and hot. Place them in the pan and get a nice sear on them. Literally, this is the time sequence: 5 minutes each side, 2 minutes on the fat strip, and a 1 – 2 minute butter, thyme, and garlic baste. THAT’S IT! Acc this will deliver a great steak cook.

The lower steak could have used a moment longer but the sear is good.

Again, five minutes each side then two minutes on the fat side. Get it crispy. 🙂

Look at the sear on that!!! Yum!

Now all the while, I had mushrooms going.

Plate up.

Wow, right!

That bad boy is ready to go now but let’s go ahead and add some shrooms…


One note: let the steak sit for five minutes to let the juices settle. And you will be having a nice med steak done to perfection!



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