Pulled Pork Sliders

Oh my… You guys are going to LOVE this one. Pulled Pork Sliders. 

First, you want to use about a five pound pork shoulder roast. I used Tastefully Simple’s Garlic Pepper. It’s got a frat mix of you guessed it, garlic and pepper. Lol. Goes great with this roast. Get the pork into the crock pot and let it go on low for 10 hours.

Once it’s done, shred it up.

Now, get your Sweet Hawaiian Sliders out cut in half.

Top with the shredded pork.

This part I don’t have a pic of but top with your favorite BBQ sauce, I used Tastefully Simple’s Smokey Bacon BBQ sauce. And then gouda cheese.

Put the tops back on and into a 350° oven for 15 minutes. The gouda will be melty, cheesy and most importantly a-good-a. You would have to hear me say it to know that’s funny. Ha!

Yummy, right?


To your abundance.


The Tastefully Simple guy


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