Dinner in a Box

Let me introduce you to Tastefully Simple’s 10 meals and more collection or as I like to call it, “Dinner in a Box.”

I love these new collections. The meal collections are designed to save you time as there have prepared grocery lists and recipe cards. So no wasted time at the grocery store and easy to follow recipes.


They are economical as the prepared entrees come out to about $3 per serving. Add a side and you are looking at a $5 per serving meal that is great tasting and affordable!

The meal collections arrive in a box.


Unpacked, looks like this:


This is our “Grilling” collection. The “more” part of the collection is our delicious beer bread and the sunny lemon pound cake. YUM! The rest make up the meals. And here are five meals that make up the collection:






I will be making these meals and sharing them with you all. I hope you enjoy what’s to come. 🙂

Outside of that, you can get this meal box, add a $40 consultant fee, and you save 20% on all of your future purchases.


And with that, you can also earn an income sharing Tastefully Simple with others.

With this box, you may…


Any questions, let me know. 🙂

To your abundance!

The Tastefully Simple guy


One thought on “Dinner in a Box

  1. Wow, John, what are really Innovative an extraordinary idea you came up with! My name is Paulette motzko and I’m a food writer, high definition photographer, and marketing consultant who lives in Las Vegas Nevada. I would love to touch bases with you and explore more about this product/service you came up with this really cool. I might help you Market it. By the way thanks for being one of my followers on totally inspired me I really appreciate that. I also have a cooking side you might get a kick out of too.


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