Rustic Turkey

Hey everyone…

I hope your Wednesday is going well. Mine is. However, my little guy is still crashed from the night before and it’s almost 10:30…


I am having a dickens of a time with his sleep schedule. Try as I might, he won’t go to sleep at night which pushes his wake up time which messes with his nap time which messes with his bed time. Ugh! Vicious cycle. Nevertheless…

Today, I’m going to share my Turkey recipe that I did on Thanksgiving. You can use this as a whole bird recipe for any other day you make turkey or you can do a turkey breast in the crockpot, either way it will be delish.

I start with two of my favorite Tastefully Simple products: Roasted Garlic Infused oil and Rustic herb seasoning.


I love these two. The oil is on point, if you like garlic and the blend of rosemary, sage, and thyme in the rustic herb is FANTASTIC especially when you are using it on poultry.

First, you will want to coat the bird with the garlic infused oil.


Then you want to coat it with the Rustic Herb seasoning.


This year, I used an oven bag and I will tell you that it produced the most tender, juicy bird you could imagine.

Get your oven bag out and put 2 Tbs of loud in it. The directions said to do that so the bag doesn’t explode. Not sure if that would have happened but I wasn’t taking any chances. Lol.


Put your bird in the bag and tie it up.


This was a 15 lb turkey. I cooked it at 350 for 3 hours and this is what came of it…


It was FABULOUS!!! So tender and juicy. The seasoning was on point. Overall, it was a great bird. I hope you all give it a whirl sometime and enjoy this recipe.

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Have a great day folks!

To your abundance!


The Tastefully Simple guy



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