Sassy Sloppy Joes

Hey everyone…

My last post was EXCITING WASN’T IT?!?! Good times. I hope you all enjoyed that.

Today, I wanted to share a quick and easy dinnertime meal that the kids and the kid in all of us will enjoy, Sloppy Joes.

Here we go.


1.5 lbs of ground meat

1 med onion

3/4 cup Tastefully Simple’s Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce

1 8oz can of tomato sauce

2 Tbs of dijon mustard

Buns of your choosing

sliced cheese


Brown ground meat and add a med diced onion and cook until onion is soft. I add it in up front and let it cook while the meat is browning.


In a bowl, combine the sauce, bbq, and mustard.


Mix together.


add to meat mixture once browned and simmer about 10 minutes.



Once done, serve on a bun and top with cheese. Add a side of cheese and you have a quick and easy dinner! Enjoy.


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To your abundance my friends!


The Tastefully Simple Guy


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