Chicken Cutlets

Hey everyone…

I hope everyone’s weekend was fun and exciting. Mine was busy, busy, busy… It felt like I was running non-stop this weekend. I have three main things that I do. I am a stay at home dad which is my full-time thing. I have a part-time job at Target because my wife lives in the store. And I sell Tastefully Simple. This weekend, I had it coming from all corners. Lol. Friday night was a Target night, I had a vendor show/Fundraiser for a local school on Saturday, a Target Sunday, and a TS party Sunday afternoon. And then I jammed in time with my bubba and wife. Crazy busy! Who can resonate?

Any way. It’s one of the reasons that I like quick and simple recipes because it eliminates stressing over dinner. Today, I’m going to share my super simple and delicious chicken cutlet recipe.

I start with two chicken breasts, cut them into thin layers, and hit them with some Tastefully Simple seasoned salt. You want that layer of flavor next to the skin.


Next is the dipping station. I go flour, egg, then breadcrumbs.


heat up a pan to medium – medium highish. You don’t want the pan smoking hot because it will cook the outside too quickly and not the inside. Cook until a golden brown.


Do both sides until they are a delicious golden brown and plate.


You won’t be disappointed with this dish. My wife says this is her favorite chicken dish. 🙂

Feel free to comment below. I welcome the feedback and retweet if you like the recipe!

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