Celebrating an Anniversary

Hey everyone…

I just wanted to share some personal stuff with this post. Last night, my wife and I celebrated our three-year anniversary. It was a magical evening. We have a houseful. So, getting away for some one on one time is rare but we were able to pull it off last night.

I started the night off with two dozen long stem yellow roses. They are my wife’s fave because her mother’s, whom passed away 6 years ago, favorite is/was the yellow roses. It is and always will be my tribute to her mom.


Now, we went to a restaurant called Hyde Park Steakhouse. We are both steak eaters and they were voted best in the city for 2015. Why not, right?


I do not have any pics inside because we elected to go technology free for two hours and I can’t tell you what that meant. It was FANTASTIC!

The dinner was incredible. We started off with a V.I.P. appetizer, sashimi which was fabulous. This was a “Thank you” from the manager for celebrating our anniversary there. We ordered an Ahi Tuna tower appetizer. This I didn’t care for too much because I didn’t like the taste of the tuna (my first time with ahi tuna) but it sat on some guacamole and some sort of soy sauce base which was fabulous. Just a note, my wife loves ahi tuna and she said she LOVED IT ALL!

The entrees were incredible. We both ordered filet. Her’s was dressed with garlic and butter and mine was done in a Cabernet, shallot, and mushroom sauce. In a word: INCREDIBLE! we had some grilled asparagus and lobster mashed potatoes. Now that’s a great spin on an old classic. Lol. All of this wrapped around a couple of glasses of wine. Fantastic, indeed. We finished up with some cheesecake and creme brûlée for dessert. Outstanding, all the way around!

Here was us afterwards, bellies full and feeling the love towards each other.


The dinner was quite indulgent but more than worth it! Sometimes, everyday life has a way of getting in the way of the connection that we have and I’m sure some of you out there. The trick is to take a moment and pause because life is gonna roll along anyway. Take a moment and enjoy each other. Laugh at stupid things. Be silly. Gaze into each other and be grateful that you have someone to go through this journey with. Because in the end, those are the things that truly matter.

To your abundance my friends!



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