Sriracha Ranch and Malt Vinegar Fry dips

Hey everyone…

I hope everyone’s monday was spectacular. Mine was a good one. Grayson and I got a little cray cray during the day (I’m a stay-at-home dad). I made some great shredded beef sandwiches with cheesy fries yesterday. OUTSTANDING! Not a leftover to be found here… 🙂

I used two Tastefully Simple products and made them into fry dips. I’m going to share those today and don’t blink because it’s quick, easy, and delish! That’s just one reason why I love Tastefully Simple.

Here goes:


Add the pack of Sriracha ranch to 1/4 cup of mayo and 1/4 of sour cream and mix. This tempers the Sriracha heat but gives you the full flavor of it. The malt vinegar is 1 Tbs to 1/2 cup of mayo. (feel free to double the recipe)


Mix and chill, then serve. I chilled it for an hour.


And blammo… you are done. Enjoy with fries or plain chips. Delish!

Tomorrow, I’m going to make a quick and easy Key Lime dip and show you how to convert it into a no bake cheesecake. Talk about yumminess. Can’t wait! Talk with you all tomorrow.

To your abundance my friends!


The Tastefully Simple guy


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