Rustic Turkey and Mashed Potatoes

Hey everyone…

I hope hump day is treating you all well. Me, it’s good. I’ve got a lot to be thankful and grateful for. Currently, my son is “playing” with my pots and pans and he is in the middle of creating a great feast for his daddy. He brings me such joy. 🙂

Last night for dinner, I decided to do a turkey day dry run as turkey is one of my wife’s favorites. So, I made Rustic turkey breast (with Tastefully Simple’s Rustic Herb), my WORLD FAMOUS mashed potatoes, and corn. It got RAVE reviews because it was so yummy! I love that.

So, here we go…

The turkey: It’s a frozen breast today but will be a fresh bird on turkey day.


Now, I use Tastefully Simple’s Rustic Herb on this because the blend of rosemary and thyme in it is incredible. It’s blends well with poultry and fish. It’s one of my faves!


Sprinkle on breast, liberally.


Now, for turkey day, I will be roasting the bird in the oven but for today, I threw it in the croc for 8 hrs on low and it turned out fabulous.


Ok. I am going to share with you my recipe for WORLD FAMOUS mashed potatoes but a little disclaimer here, it’s not a dieter’s best recipe. I’m sure you can cut this and that out but it didn’t happen today. I don’t usually eat mashed potatoes when I am dieting anyway. Lol.

Start with butter… 1 stick.


I boiled 5 restaurant sized russet potatoes (my grocery store sells them that way) for about 15 minutes (until fork tender) then drained them and threw them on top of the butter.


Add salt and pepper to your taste. I do a pinch of salt and a nice layer of pepper. I use kosher salt as I feel it seasons my food best and I will test and adjust after I mix it up.


Ok. Here is where the magic happens. I add (depending on the amount of potatoes) a 1/4 cup each of milk and chicken stock.


The addition of BOTH adds a depth of flavor that is unmatched. Again, you will adjust after you mix. I happened to add about an 1/8 more of each after it was mixed.

And tadaa…


I’m telling you, they were fabulous!

I made corn. A little butter, salt, and pepper and that was done.


Lastly, Gravy. I’ll tell you, I haven’t bought store gravy in forever. Homemade is so easy to make. For yesterdays batch, 2 tbs of butter and 2 tbs of flour in a sauce pan. I cook that for about 2 minutes over med heat. It cooks out the flour taste then add 1 – 1 1/2 cups of turkey drippings from the crockpot. Cook until it boils and you are done.


And there you have it folks, a dry run for turkey day and it was delicious.


If you enjoyed this post, please comment and share because everyone deserves a little yumminess in their life!

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To your abundance my friends!


The Tastefully Simple guy


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