Buffalo Chicken Dip ~ quick and easy

Hey everyone…

So glad to have you here today! I hope your weekend was as great as mine. We didn’t do much other than enjoy a nice family weekend and enjoying everyone’s company. Our 14-year-old is quite the social butterfly so we only got to see him yesterday as his friday night and saturday were booked solid with football games, rotc engagements, and Halloween stuff. But we enjoyed him for the limited time that we had him. Lol. Everyone else just hung out and it’s good to have those days with no rushing, no stress, and quality time.


Today I wanted to share a super quick and easy Buffalo Chicken dip that can be made for a potluck at work or game time at home or just for any reason to enjoy some yumminess.

*Disclaimer: my wife makes a Buffalo Chicken dip and Tracy, your BCD is the best, hands-down. Lol.

And here we go: 3 simple ingredients chicken, Tastefully Simple’s Buffalo Chicken dip, and cream cheese.


Throw everything in a bowl.


Mix and heat in mic for 30 sec intervals until it reaches the desired temp. Enjoy with a bag of chips!


What did I say? Easy Peasy chicken dip!

Hey, if you have any questions of comments, feel free to comment below or email me at johnbokin2@hotmail.com. If you would like to see more products, go to http://www.johnbokin.com. And if you would like to connect off the blog, like me at http://www.facebook.com/foodiejohnnyb.

To your abundance my friends!



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