Easy Tacos

Good morning all…

I know this might be a little early for a taco talk but it’s what was for dinner last night (along with the beer bread from yesterday’s post) and I wanted to share.



I started with a capful of the Tastefully Simple Simply Salsa mix and a can of diced tomatoes. I like it spicy so I used Rotel’s diced tomatoes with green chilies. I put that in the fridge for an hour or so.

I browned the ground meat and added 2 Tbs of Fiesta Party mix. It has a little bit of a kick and who doesn’t like it spicy? Once, brown, I added in a 1/2 cup of the prepared salsa.

I used El Paso’s stand up shells and layered the meat mixtures, cheese, diced tomatoes, lettuce, a dollop of sour cream, and taco sauce. Simple as that! And yummy too…

Short and sweet today. Please feel free to comment below and share.

If you want to see more of these delicious products, check out my website at http://www.johnbokin.com and if you would like more information about the Tastefully Simple opportunity, email me at tastefullysimplewithjohn@gmail.com. Talk with you guys tomorrow!

To your abundance!



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