A quick intro…

Hello everyone! My name is John. I am a a stay at home dad of a 19 month old, AWESOME HUSBAND, great cook, Tastefully Simple consultant, and all around good guy. 🙂

I started this blog for a few reasons: to talk about the great things about being a stay at home dad and some of things I struggle with. I plan on sharing some great recipes as I believe breaking bread with friends and family is what it’s all about and why not have some GREAT food to bring it all together. Sharing stuff on marriage, the highs and lows. And I plan on sharing the great things with being a part of Tastefully Simple.

Keep in mind, I am certainly not a writer and sometimes will have some grammar issues. Hopefully, not egregious ones that would offend my fellow blog readers. I would appreciate any comments and thoughts that you all may have. I hope you all enjoy!

To your abundance