Shallot Tarragon Compound Butter

Haha… You guys are going to LOVE this one. I know I did. It features our Shallot Tarragon seasoning. It’s a simple mix that you can turn into a compound butter. What can you do with a compound butter, you ask? Top a steak with it silly… Lol.

Quite simple really. You take a stick of butter and one packet from the shallot tarragon box.

Make sure the butter is soft. Throw them in a bowl…

Mix together.

Place on some plastic wrap…

And roll up.

Throw it back in the fridge and use whenever you have steak, over some corn, potatoes, or crusty bread… It is straight yummy!

Hope you give it a try.🙂

Talk with you soon.


The Tastefully Simple guy

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Delicious Creamed Corn

I’m trying dishes that will be featured on Turkey day. And we have a winner here: stove top creamed corn. 

First, start by cooking up some corn…

After the corn is done, drain and set aside.

For the “creamed” sauce add 6 ounces of creamed cheese, a half a cup of milk, a stick of butter, 1 Tbs sugar, 1 tsp of salt, and a half tsp of pepper to a saucepan.

Cook over a medium heat. Whisking all the while.

Once it’s nice and smooth, add the corn back in.

Stir and you are done…

Delicious, right?

Serve it along with some steak and potatoes. 

Simply delicious.

Till next time…


The Tastefully Simple guy

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Wings, wings, wings…

I LOVE wings. My old crew and I used to have a Wed night ritual at the pub, wing nite. I miss those days. However, life being what it is, I’m past that all the while trying to be a responsible dad. Lol. 

So, I decided to give it a go at home. Homemade wing night. Here’s how it turned out.

I took two bags of frozen wings and bake them in the oven. No deep fryer. I know, sacrilege. Lol. Now, one of the things I LOVE about tastefully simple’s cooking sauces is that I can add a ton of flavor add not have to be a sauce genius. Here are a few that we tried.

The honey teriyaki brings some Asian flair. A sweet soy flavor that fills that “Chinese takeout” craving.

Next up, my initial favorite sauce: Bayou Bourbon. Sweet but not too sweet. Goes great on chicken, pork, shrimp, or salmon.

The next one is a ghost pepper sauce that my wife purchased when she was at conference in Philadelphia.

It wasn’t as spicy as i thought it was going to be but still a very flavorful sauce.

The next two are variations of garlic parmesan. 

This one is our cooking sauce with some cayenne added. So, it’s a little spicy and it’s my new favorite sauce.

The next is a homemade ish version of garlic parmesan.

Add a couple of Tbs Of butter and Two tsps. Of garlic garlic to a pan. Cook until the butter melts.

Once melted, add to your wings.

Dust with parmesan.

And here you have it… At home wing night.🙂

Everyone loved the wings. Loved the variety. 



The Tastefully Simple guy

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Delicious Tater Tot Casserole

Today’s recipe is incredibly simple and delicious. I know, I know… You’re saying,  John, it’s tater tot casserole ave my reply is, “yep. I know. Meat, cheese, potatoes. What’s not to love?” 

Let’s get started on this one…

First, I brown up a pound and a half of ground meat and a half pound of sweet sausage and put it in a baking dish.

Next, in a bowl combine a pint of sour cream and a can of cream of mushroom soup, then layer it on the meat.

Add a cup and a half of your favorite cheese. I used colby Jack.

Then a bag of frozen tots.

Pop that in a preheated 350° oven. 

The kids DEVOURED this.

Serve with a tomato aoli.

Lol. I mean ketchup.🙂 add salt and pepper, if you will.

Simple and delicious.



The Tastefully Simple guy

Chicken Flautas with Green Enchiladas Sauce

I think I shared in a previous post our penchant for Mexican food. WE LOVE IT!!! Today’s recipe that I’m sharing is a chicken flauta. Traditionally, they are baked with no sauce ave the shells crisp up. I added the green enchilada sauce to bring a little spice to the dish and a little moisture.🙂

I start with a chicken in the crock pot.

I threw on some garlic pepper seasoning. Brings great flavor to slow cooking dishes.

I cooked it on the 6 hour setting. It breaks down the chicken and shreds really nicely.

While that was cooking, I prepared our salsa. I used a can of diced tomatoes and a quarter cup of simply salsa.

Mix those together about an hour before you put this dish together.

So, let’s assemble this dish.

Get two cups of the shredded chicken in a bowl.

Add to it a cup of sour cream.

Next, add a cup of colby Jack cheese along with the prepared salsa.

 add some same and pepper.

Mix together

Now, green enchilada sauce time… Layer some sauce on the bottom of a baking dish.

We are going to assemble our flautas. For these, I used soft taco sized shells. In them, you will need to add about a spoon and a half of mixture.

Spread the mix lengthwise.

And roll them up.

Layer them in the pan.

Put a layer of sauce on them and bake them in the oven at 350° for 25 minutes.

Yum, right! I know. 

Plate those bad boys up with some rice and sour cream and you’ve got a great dish!

I hope you enjoy!

Till next time.🙂


The Tastefully Simple guy

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Crabby Crab Cakes…

Yum! I love seafood but don’t cook enough of it. Not real sure why that is. One of my favorite seafood dishes is crab cakes. Yummy! Now, I will tell you, I don’t like the crab cakes that are filled with stuffing. I prefer more crab than filling.🙂

Ave that’s what I’m going to share with you today. A crab cake that is loosely put together, almost all crab, and simply delicious.

Let’s start with a pound of crab meat. No imitation stuff here. Go to the seafood department at your grocery and get a pound. You’ll thank me later. 

Add a cup of panko breadcrumbs.

One beaten egg.

Use your favorite seafood spice but I use Tastefully Simple’s version. So delicious. One Tbs.

One Tbs. Mayo.

One tsp honey Dijon.

One tsp Worcestershire.

Mix and form into six patties.

Melt two Tbs butter in a pan and cook your crab cakes, four minutes a side.

While those are coming, get your sauce together. For that, we are going to use our lemon dill seasoning. Fast becoming a favorite.

In a bowl, add one packet of seasoning, a quarter cup chopped pickles, and one cup of mayo.

Mix and set aside.

Flip your crab cakes.

Look at that deliciousness…

Once done, plate up and serve with your lemon dill mayo.

Simply delicious!!!


To your abundance, my friends.


The Tastefully Simple guy

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